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If you have suffered an injury and want to try a new treatment option that keeps you as active as possible while healing, you can benefit from ActivArmor, a breathable, waterproof cast for broken or injured wrists and hands.

What Is ActivArmor?

ActivArmor is a 3D printed cast or splint for the hand and wrist. It is the only custom-made 3D printed splint commercially available in the United States. It is listed with the FDA as a Class I splint. Patients are able to stay active and maintain their chosen lifestyle including swimming and sports while wearing the activarmor, which has made it a popular choice. When you come to iOrtho for treatment, you can try this new splint option.

Benefits of ActivArmor

By choosing ActivArmor, you will have several advantages. Patients love the fact that they are able to maintain an active lifestyle, whether they are students, kids, athletes, scientists, physicians, or someone else. It takes just three to four days to get your custom breathable, waterproof cast when you choose this option, and it will be designed to treat your specific injury while allowing you to live like you normally would.


Patients with all kinds of lifestyles agree that ActivArmor offers unmatched benefits. For example, Nadia Sullivan, a competitive triathlete, gave the following testimonial: “Swimming was a success this weekend with my new [ActivArmor]! I was able to swim the longest distance yet since my injury and without pain! It’s a miracle for me, I’d given up on ever doing that again!”

Comparison of These Breathable Casts to Typical Splints

ActivArmor casts boast a number of new qualities that make them a popular choice, including that they are:

  • Innovative: These casts allow patients to stay active, and they also reduce downtime. Whether you want to keep up with recreational activities or train for an upcoming event, ActivArmor may be your best solution.
  • Waterproof: Because of their material, you can wear these casts while swimming or during typical daily activities like bathing or showering.
  • Comfortable: Great for children and people experiencing issues with mobility, these casts stay breathable and comfortable throughout their use.
  • Effective: ActivArmor is a Class 1 splint, as listed by the FDA. Doctors have been impressed with the results, and patients appreciate their quick recovery. These casts are also ISO-19003 certified due to their biocompatibility.
  • Affordable and Covered by Insurance
  • While other off-the-shelf splints often claim to be waterproof, ActivArmor remains superior in ease of use, compliance, cost, and comfort.

Top Uses of ActivArmor

ActivArmor casts are available for the hand and wrist and other non-weight-bearing uses and have a range of uses and applications. Patients suffering from any of the following injuries can get the help they need by choosing these breathable casts:

  • Breaks
  • Sprains
  • Chronic conditions liks carpal tunnel
  • Sports support

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