Do Vitamins Help You Heal Better After Surgery?

A study published Jan 12, 2021 looked at the potential benefit of using Vitamin C supplements after total knee replacement as a way to reduce the risk of postoperative Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This study which evaluated a group of 153 patients who received supplementation vs 139 that did not and found that taking 1000mg per day for 40 days after surgery was effective at reducing the risk of this complication.

In another 2018 study looking at the role of Vitamin C supplementation after total knee replacement the authors found that serum levels of Vitamin C drop substantially after knee replacement surgery and that low serum levels of vitamin C was associated with postoperative stiffness. They concluded that Vitamin C depletion occurs after knee replacement surgery and found that taking 1000 mg of vitamin C daily after surgery prevents depletion and reduces the risk of stiffness as a complication.

Gregory Montalbano, MD iOrtho surgeon and faculty member NYU School of Medicine was asked about the role of vitamins in surgery, “I have been somewhat outside the main stream on this issue for years now and I always recommend vitamin supplementation prior to and after knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgery.

Also, not only Vitamin C but also Vitamin D and other vitamins and trace minerals which are important for healthy healing. We also offer Postoperative IV Vitamin Infusions to post-surgical patients to help with recovery.  I am not sure why vitamins seem to be treated as alternative medicine by many practitioners when in fact they are a basic component of almost every enzymatic reaction in our body and therefore play a critical role especially after surgery when your system is in metabolic overdrive”.

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