I am a patient of Dr. Montalbano and recently had a visit to the practice for an injury. The entire team, from the scheduling team, the receptionists to the physicians were nothing short of amazing! Dr. Montalbano’s exquisite bedside manners are one of the most commendable qualities of this practice. He took the time to discuss my condition, treatment options and truly addressed my concerns. His team is courteous and professional. I will be returning for some routine IVMT treatments to assist in my healing process. Thank you again team iOrtho!

Aprillynne C.

My experience at iOrtho has been wonderful. The check-in is easy, and the employees are efficient, helpful and so friendly. They answer any questions I might have. Best of all, my treatments have made a positive difference in my life!

JoAnn B.

Doctor Montalbano made me feel at total ease, explaining exactly what my surgery would entail. A week after surgery, and at my first post op appointment, I commented to him that I couldn't believe he operated on me, and that I thought that he "just drew incision and sutures marks with a felt tipped pen"! I had less than minimal pain after surgery. I am extremely pleased with his expertise and would freely recommend him to anyone that needs his skills! I'm now in Rehab at IOrtho, and the staff there, as well as all the "Check-In" and "Appt” staff members are also very professional and accommodating. An all-around easy experience.

Carl M.

Never had a bad experience in all the years coming to iOrtho. From day one Dr. Montalbano explained everything to me about my knee pain. He did everything he could to ease the pain until a total knee replacement was necessary. His staff is very professional and courteous. I recommend them highly.

Joseph F.

Dr. Montalbano has now replaced both my knees and I believe it is miraculous how I am pain free and able to use my legs the way they were ordained to be used; his staff is top of the line. I have recommended him to family and friends.

Raffaele G.

Originally came to iOrtho because I was an old patient of Dr. Montalbano, who performed a superb reconstruction procedure on my left knee as a teenager. The facilities are clean, and the staff is very welcoming. After assessment, I was taken care of by Dr. Desir. I couldn’t be left in better hands. He’s very friendly, thorough, shows compassion and was realistic in my expectations. Truly a great experience, feels like I have a new knee!

Jace W.

I have been seeing Dr. Montalbano and his staff for years. Dr. Montalbano performed ACL reconstruction on both my knees. I have recommended his office to several friends and family over the years. All with positive results and experiences. The staff is professional and very courteous. Can’t recommend his office enough.

JoAnn S.

I was referred to Dr. Quirno due to a herniated disc in my neck and I exhausted all options for pain management, Dr. Quirno was very comforting, compassionate and informative , we discussed different options and outcomes and I opted to have surgery. to say he is the best surgeon in nyc would be an understatement he was very involved with my care pre and post op and im almost a year out from surgery and the discomfort and pain i was experiencing for so long is gone. Thank you Dr. Quirno. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Francis D.

I recently started coming to iOrtho for vitamin infusions. I was greeted by the front desk staff who made sure to answer all of my questions. Victoria thoroughly explained my vitamin infusion options to me, and helped me choose what was best for me and my body. She is very attentive throughout each visit. The office is also very clean. I will definitely be back for more infusions!

Alexis M.

There is just not enough room to leave my entire review. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted and the entire check in process was seamless. The x-ray tech was so friendly. Then once they sent me upstairs to my room, the assistant who took me to my room addressed all my concerns with such a warm caring personality and actually listened. You don’t always get that! Also everything is up to date and clean! My daughter is also receiving physical therapy and the therapists are so great to work with as well.

Karen E.

I have been a patient for approximately 10 years, my arthritic knees have been successfully treated here on a number of occasions with injections. The entire staff is very professional and wait time is reasonable. They most recently saw me within 24 hours following an event with one of my knees.

Joan B.

Great practice all around from doctors to physical therapy to all staff. Cecilia was always my go to when I needed information, records or appointments in a pinch and she came through every single time. You will never be neglected with this practice.

Sead T.


Dear Dr. Montalbano,

This note is long past overdue. There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate everyone at IOrtho. I have been with Regional Orthopedics and IOrtho on and off since 2015 depending on my insurance coverage at the time.

Everyone has always been professional, caring, friendly, and helpful. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the office and that the patients are treated in a warm and welcoming manner.

I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Husain. I first started seeing him in 2019 when I was diagnosed with cancer to help me manage the pain in my knees and back during my chemo and radiation treatments and I am so glad that he is still there for me today.

I have been going to IOrtho Rehab for my knees for 16 months and the last few months for my back. I know that I don’t have to tell you what wonderful people you have there. Jay, Walter and Jonathan certainly showed how dedicated they are to their patients and IOrtho during the months that they were short staffed. They always provided the same amount of care and attention as they dId when fully staffed. They never showed any signs of being stressed during that time and I’m sure that there were many times that they were. Having Brea and Faith onboard now to complete the physical therapy staff has been wonderful. I am grateful to have Jay as my physical therapist, the knowledge and experience that he has brought with him to IOrtho Rehab is simply amazing. He is a master with kinetic tape; he has been taping my knees for the last few months and my pain level goes from an 8 to almost a a immediately and stays that way for close to a weeki I was excited to hear that the pool may be opening soon, I was all set to start last July and just before my first appointment I received the call that its use was being suspended.

Unfortunately, I was recently informed that Medicare is no longer authorizing my physical therapy because I have met my annual threshold amount. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. After talking with two Medicare supervisors and with Jen and Liz’s help I am hoping that I’ll be able to continue with physical therapy in the next few weeks. My
fingers and toes are crossed that all will work out. On my way out to the parking lot last week, a woman stopped me and asked me if I was happy and sa i fied with IOrtho. I told her that’ never had any regrets and that no matter what the reason was that brought her there, she would be in good hands and wouldn’t regret her decision.

I enjoy using the outside seating area and I can’t wait to see what you and your landscaper have planned this year, I know it will be beautiful. With all the renovations and improvements that you’ve made over the past few years, you have made IOrtho the best of the best!

I thank you for IOrtho, for everyone there and for all that they have done for me over the past nine years. On a scale of 1-10, IOrtho is an 11!

Yours truly,
E. F.