If you’re a iOrtho patient or plan to become one, you’ll benefit from our adoption of the Clearwave check-in kiosk. Find out exactly what it is and the advantages you can gain from it below.


What Is Clearwave?

A reliable self-service registration solution, Clearwave works as a kiosk, desktop, or mobile solution. It has been transforming the healthcare industry in favor of a positive patient experience, allowing patients to send payments, verify their insurance eligibility, and check in for appointments in a much simpler way.

Benefits of Clearwave for Our Patients

The primary reason that we decided to adopt this new solution was for the advantages it can bring to patients, including:

  • Mobile check-in solutions: With this part of the program, patients have the freedom to manage check-in on the go or even from home through mobile and desktop access.
  • Shorter check-in times: When you use the Clearwave check-in kiosk, you’ll find that your experience takes much less time. In fact, patients using it spend less than three minutes checking in, and what follows is that they usually don’t have to stand in line.
  • Increased privacy: As a result of the new speed, you’ll be able to spend less time giving information verbally — either in person or over the phone — which increases your privacy. While we always strive to deliver the most private conversations in all scenarios, the kiosk adds an extra level of security to the process, as do the mobile and desktop options.
  • Safe, quick authentication: Clearwave gives demographic data and eligibility of benefits in real-time, which can give you the opportunity to correct errors right at the moment and ensure your information is up-to-date.
  • Eco-friendliness: If you’re concerned about your impact on the environment as well as that of the businesses you frequent, you’ll be relieved to know that Clearwave is set to drastically reduce that footprint. Because you’ll be able to check in without lots of printed information, you’ll know you’re not contributing to our landfills.
  • Customized patient experience: When it’s time to check in for your appointment, you don’t always want to go through the hassle of digging a license, insurance card, and other items from your wallet or bag. Fortunately, with Clearwave, you won’t have to. Your data will be securely stored for ease of access each visit.