Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

iOrthoPT offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to rehabilitation following injury and/or surgery as a standalone facility located on campus and dedicated to the delivery of Rehabilitation Services.

The facility was designed to create an environment conducive to wellness, health and recovery by featuring:

Accessibility: With ground-level access and automatic doors, iOrthoPT ensures easy accessibility for individuals of all mobility levels. On-site parking further contributes to the convenience of our clients, eliminating any potential barriers to their journey towards recovery.

Natural Light: Cathedral height ceilings and glass walls have been incorporated to maximize natural light within the facility. This design element not only creates an open and welcoming atmosphere but also supports the well-being of our clients during their rehabilitation process.

Climate Control: Our facility goes the extra mile to prioritize comfort. Radiant heated floors, exposed duct air conditioning, and CO2 monitors ensure a controlled and pleasant environment. Additionally, our fresh air exhaust system, coupled with HEPA filters, promotes optimal air quality for a health-conscious setting.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: iOrthoPT is equipped with cutting-edge Life Fitness exercise equipment, providing clients with the tools they need for effective and targeted rehabilitation. Our commitment to excellence extends to the inclusion of specialized equipment such as the Celebrity spinal decompression and massage chair, Game Ready Cryotherapy machines, and Hydrocollator heat packs.

Aquatic Therapy: The facility boasts an Aqua Spa pool, featuring an underwater treadmill and resistance current. Aquatic therapy has proven benefits in enhancing mobility, reducing pain, and accelerating the recovery process, providing our clients with a unique and effective rehabilitation option.

Expert Team: At iOrthoPT, our team consists of licensed and experienced Physical Therapists dedicated to guiding clients through their rehabilitation journey. Our professionals are committed to providing personalized care, addressing individual needs, and achieving optimal outcomes for every client.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or injury, iOrthoPT is your partner in achieving comprehensive rehabilitation. Our facility is not just a place for treatment but a space where wellness, health, and recovery converge for a holistic and transformative experience.

If you suspect you have pain in any of these areas, it's important to consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis and appropriate management.