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Orthopedic Urgent Care

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Monday through Friday between 8am and 4pm | 82 Lamberts Lane, Staten Island NY 10314

iOrthoNOW is urgent orthopedic care for ALL ages:

We Treat on Staten Island

Arthritis symptoms can be effectively managed and treated with a variety of medical modalities. At iOrtho, medical treatments can include oral medications, bracing, activity modifications and physical therapy. There are a variety of injectable treatments available for the joints including hyaluronate (gel injections) which is one of the more popular treatments.

In some cases, medical treatment is ineffective due to the severity of the condition and surgery is needed to effectively manage the problem. Non-reconstructive surgery is to debride the joint often arthroscopically to remove damaged cartilage, loose fragments and create smooth surfaces. Reconstructive surgery is to replace the damaged surfaces with synthetic implants- partial or total joint replacement.

In cases of spinal arthritis medications, physical therapy, medications, bracing, lifestyle modifications may provide effective relief of symptoms. Spinal injections, radiofrequency nerve ablation and other minimally invasive procedures may be effective at relieving pain when medical treatments fail. Disc replacement, spinal decompression and fusion are reconstructive options that can provide effective long lasting relief.

Arthritis symptoms include joint swelling, tenderness, painful motion and or weight bearing, deformity, loss of motion, difficulty/pain walking and/ or running, pain with activity and/ or rest.

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Elbow Injuries | Hand or Wrist Injuries | Hip Injuries | Knee Injuries | Foot or Ankle Injuries

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