Enhancing Recovery: The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Enhancing Recovery: The Benefits of Physical Therapy

At iOrtho, we understand that orthopedic health is not just about treating injuries or surgical interventions. It’s also about fostering rehabilitation and empowering individuals to regain their mobility and strength following injury, surgery or overuse. One essential component of our comprehensive approach to orthopedic care is Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy at iOrthoRehab.

Dedicated Space: iOrthoRehab is located on-site and was built specifically to meet the rehabilitative needs of iOrtho patients both surgical and non-surgical. The space was designed to be spa-like and foster an environment conducive to healing both mind and body. The space is built with stone, steel, glass and concrete – all natural elements – surrounded by green landscape. The space is free of any rubber floor or other products often used in exercise spaces that can be harmful to your health. The abundant glass allows natural light to enter the space at all times of the year helping to drive Vitamin D levels which are so important to healing and restore a feeling of wellbeing and connection with our bodies. The climate is controlled using water radiant heat underneath a polished concrete slab which serves as the floor. We encourage our patients to exercise without shoes when appropriate and feel the warmth of the floor beneath their feet.  The climate is also maintained with a special ventilation system that will exhaust CO2 from the space keeping the air fresh and healthy. The side of the building also opens up to allow fresh air to flow through the space- weather permitting- and helps air exchange. Cathedral ceiling gives the space volume to protect air quality and reduce the spread of airborne pathogens. The 2 most important factors in preventing the spread of airborne pathogens being air volume and ventilation which are both emphasized in this space.

Equipment: State of the Art Life Fitness exercise equipment is used to allow for maximally efficient exercise tailored to the individual patient and problems. Cardiovascular and strength training equipment are both incorporated to provide a balanced recovery.  Aquatic therapy is also provided in an indoor-outdoor exercise-Endless Pool -with an underwater treadmill and a resistance current. This highly specialized type of rehabilitation is ideal for patients recovering from surgery. The water temperature of 110 degrees combined with the weightlessness of aquatic immersion and resistance of water jets on a moving platform is a unique and efficient way to recover from fractures, joint replacement and reconstructive spine and extremity surgery. Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Cryotherapy, Deep Heat and Massage Chair are all also used to improve blood flow and promote natural healing.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Rehabilitation at iOrtho begins with a personalized assessment of each patient’s unique needs and condition. Our experienced physical therapists work closely with individuals to create customized treatment plans that target specific problems. Whether recovering from orthopedic surgery, managing chronic pain, or rehabilitating from an injury, our tailored approach delivered in our unique space and using the most innovative techniques and equipment ensures that every session is geared towards optimal outcomes.

Pain Management and Relief: Physical therapy at iOrthoRehab plays a crucial role in managing pain associated with orthopedic conditions. Through a combination of targeted exercises, stretching routines, and manual techniques, our therapists help alleviate discomfort, promoting a more comfortable and pain-free daily life for our patients.

Improved Range of Motion and Flexibility: Many orthopedic issues can restrict joint mobility and limit overall flexibility. iOrthoRehab focuses on enhancing range of motion through targeted modalities, exercises and stretches. This not only aids in recovery but also helps prevent future injuries by promoting joint health and flexibility.

Accelerated Recovery Post-Surgery: For individuals who have undergone orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation is an integral part of the recovery process. The therapists at iOrthoRehab collaborate closely with iOrtho surgeons to design rehabilitation programs that promote healing, reduce swelling, and restore functionality. This collaborative approach ensures a smoother and faster recovery for our patients.

At iOrtho, our commitment goes beyond just treating orthopedic conditions; we strive to improve the overall well-being of our patients. Physical therapy at iOrthoRehab is important to our approach, offering a holistic and personalized solution to address mobility issues, manage pain, and accelerate recovery. If you’re seeking comprehensive orthopedic care that prioritizes your long-term health and functionality, consider the benefits of treatment with iOrtho Physicians and physical therapy at iOrthoRehab. Your journey to improved orthopedic health starts with us.

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