Olive Oil Massage – An Alternative Solution to Joint Pain

Olive Oil Massage

Did you know an olive oil massage can be a natural and effective alternative to prescription medications for treatment of painful joints?

A recent study has shown olive oil massaged into painful fingers and knees can reduce pain as effectively as prescription medical treatments.

During the study, 60 female patients were evaluated following 12 weeks of intervention using olive oil massages, topical NSAID, paraffin oil and routine arthritis medications. Olive oil massage was found to be an effective intervention and equal outcome compared to the use of pharmacologic treatments.

According to Gregory Montalbano, MD, Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgeon and NYU Faculty Member, “I find this to be an interesting study since it does support alternative therapy for arthritis patients, especially those that cannot tolerate or do not wish to use prescription medications which can have serious side effects. In my practice I try to give arthritis patients as many non-pharmacologic options as possible and this study supports the recommendation of olive oil as a potentially effective alternative treatment.”

“The next time you are cooking in the kitchen and your arthritis is acting up rub some olive oil on the painful joints for effective relief of symptoms.”

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