Sport With the Highest Chance of Injury: Women’s Gymnastics

Women’s gymnastics is an incredibly demanding sport that showcases the strength, flexibility, and precision of its athletes. With its high-intensity routines and complex maneuvers, it comes as no surprise that gymnastics is ranked as the leading sport for orthopedic injuries. In fact, recent statistics have placed women’s gymnastics above contact sports like men’s football and soccer in terms of injury rates. It is crucial for athletes, especially children and adolescents, to receive timely and specialized care for these injuries.

Gymnastics injuries can be severe and diverse, ranging from acute traumatic incidents to overuse injuries. Some of the most frequently observed injuries in women’s gymnastics include ACL tears, fractures, and disc herniations. These injuries can occur during various gymnastics routines, such as landing dismounts, performing complex flips, or executing rigorous balance beam routines. While the risk of injury is inherent in any sport, gymnastics requires a comprehensive approach to address the unique challenges faced by gymnasts.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating gymnastics-related injuries, it is essential to consult a specialist who understands the specific demands of the sport. While general urgent care facilities or emergency rooms may provide immediate care, they often lack the expertise and equipment required to deal with orthopedic injuries effectively. In many cases, patients end up being referred to a specialist, wasting valuable time and prolonging the recovery process.

iOrthoNOW is a dedicated walk-in urgent care service that focuses exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Our team of experienced orthopedic specialists offer tailored care to athletes. By choosing iOrthoNOW, athletes can save time and receive immediate attention from experts who understand the specific demands and challenges of their sport.

Once diagnosed, our orthopedic specialists develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate rehabilitation exercises, physical therapy, and, if necessary, minimally invasive surgical interventions. This comprehensive approach aims to restore the athlete’s function, minimize downtime, and prevent further injuries allowing them to recover faster and get back to doing what they love while performing at their best.

iOrtho is a multi-specialty musculoskeletal healthcare practice that provides patients with new technologies and innovative procedures designed to make state-of-the-art treatments readily available while maximizing outcomes. iOrtho surgeons are affiliated with NYU Langone Health and the practice takes most major insurances.

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