When Is It Time for Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery could be worth considering if your pain has progressed to the point where it’s affecting your quality of life. The professionals at Regional Orthopedics have a long history of performing this procedure for patients throughout the New York City area, and we will take the time to provide clear, detailed information so you are as well-informed as possible. Here are some of the factors to consider before having this type of surgery.

When Other Options Don’t Work

If you have tried physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone shots, but you still can’t find lasting relief, then hip replacement surgery could be your best option. You might find it difficult — or maybe even impossible — to do everyday things such as climbing stairs or even walking short distances. This is a clear sign that you should seriously consider having a surgical procedure performed.

When Hip Replacement Surgery Might Not Be the Answer

Just as there are several signs that hip replacement surgery might be your best course of action, there are other signs that it might not be. For example, if you have had any sort of recent infection, you will need to make sure it is completely cleared up before having surgery. If it’s not, you could be at risk of suffering an infection in the new joint.

If you smoke, your doctor will likely recommend that you quit before any operation takes place. You may need to lose some weight before any surgery to reduce the risk of complications. Any other kinds of health issues you might be experiencing, such as blood clots, lung problems or heart problems, will need to be under control before you undergo hip replacement surgery.

Will Hip Replacement Surgery Be Worth It?

One of the major questions most people consider when deciding whether or not to proceed with hip replacement surgery is if it will be worth the cost. One way to think about this is to compare the expense versus an improved quality of life. If your life can be substantially improved for several years after the procedure, then you will likely feel you’re making a good investment. In most cases, a new hip joint will continue to work as designed 20 years or more after surgery.

How Long Will It Take to Get Back to Normal?

You obviously want to know how long it will take before you can start enjoying the benefits of hip replacement surgery. No two people recover in exactly the same fashion, but on average, it usually takes about six weeks before most patients get back to normal. Your incision should heal within two to three weeks, and then you’ll likely need physical therapy for a while afterward. Most people find they are completely pain-free within about a year of the procedure.

Whether you are in Staten Island, Jersey City or anywhere else in the area, talk to the experts with Regional Orthopedics if you are considering hip replacement surgery. We want you to be as comfortable and confident as possible, so we will make sure you are completely educated regarding all your options. Please contact us online or give us a call at 833.464.6784 to learn more.

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