When Will Conor McGregor Return To The Ring?

Conor McGregor suffered  a severe injury and a first round TKO to Dustin Poirier earlier this month at the UFC  Las Vegas match.

We asked Gregory Montalbano, MD orthopedic surgeon and fracture specialist at iOrtho – What was the injury and what does it mean for a possible return to the ring?

“Based in my review of the video it appears to be a supination / internal rotation type ankle fracture – with fracture of the fibula and tibia.” Said Dr. Gregory Montalbano, “When you watch the video Conor steps back with the left foot but instead of landing flat on the sole of the foot he lands on the side of the foot forcing the ankle into inversion and the foot to internally rotate. This is a classic pattern of ankle injury and one that often leads to an unstable fracture pattern that is typically treated with surgical fixation using plates and screws and other devices.” According the latest news he underwent surgery getting hardware for both tibia and fibula.

Will McGregor return to the ring? According to Dr. Montalbano, “With the proper surgical care achieving anatomic fracture reduction and restoration of normal joint structure  followed by successful bone union and rehabilitation he should be able to return to his sport without much difficulty.” ” At his age he should be able to begin weight bearing in 6 weeks and then followed by more aggressive rehabilitation.  I would estimate return to the ring within the year.”

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