Choosing The Best Orthopedic Surgeon

Choosing The Best Orthopedic Surgeon


Choosing an orthopedic surgeon is an important decision as orthopedic surgery is a difficult procedure that can take a while to heal from. You may get referrals from your primary doctor for an orthopedic surgeon, but ultimately, it’s up to you who you choose to perform your surgery.

Here are five tips to choose the best orthopedic surgeon for you.

  1. Build a referral list

First, reach out to your primary care doctor, family and friends for any recommendations of good orthopedic surgeons near you. You can even meet with the orthopedic surgeons on your list 1:1 to see if they would be a good fit.

  1. Research their credentials and experience

Orthopedic surgeons should have board certification to prove that they have the necessary training and experience to perform your surgery. You can research their experience and also check for any history of malpractice on You can also check for surgeon reviews from other patients. Simply Google the doctor’s name and ‘reviews’ and you can find other’s experiences.

  1. Research the hospital’s quality and reputation

Just as important as your orthopedic surgeon’s reputation is the hospital’s reputation. Top-rated hospitals make fewer mistakes and will offer a better-quality experience. Also, consider the location of the hospital; can your chosen orthopedic surgeon come to you, or do you need to go to them? Remember that you may have follow-up visits at the hospital as well.

  1. Check what your insurance covers

You should not choose an orthopedic surgeon without confirming that your insurance will cover them. To get the best cost on your orthopedic surgery, you will need to choose an in-plan provider. Many orthopedists will have this information listed on their website, or you can usually get a list of participating doctors from your insurance provider.

  1. Consider your communication and comfort

When you meet with your potential orthopedic surgeon, consider how comfortable you are communicating with them. You may want to get a surgeon of your same gender, or at least someone that you feel comfortable asking your questions to and that will give you personal attention.

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