Recovery from Shoulder Surgeries

Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

All shoulder surgeries require a recovery period, as shoulder surgery can be fairly invasive. Your most difficult part of recovery starts after the surgery, while in physical therapy and regaining your strength and mobility. Here’s what you need to know about shoulder surgery recovery.

How long does it take to recover from shoulder surgery?

It typically takes over six weeks to recover from shoulder surgery, but it can take up to six months depending on the type of surgery performed. However, shoulder surgery recovery is different for everyone. Some people take longer, while others can return to normal sooner. It is important to follow the guidance of your orthopedic doctor with a recovery plan specific to your injury.

How do you deal with painful shoulder surgery recovery?

Shoulder surgery recovery can sometimes be quite painful, as the shoulder is a sensitive joint. It’s very common to experience stiffness after surgery, causing pain, especially with a rotator cuff surgery, which is one of the more difficult procedures to recover from.

However, there are ways to help deal with the pain of shoulder recovery and reduce swelling. Use ice and pain medication as prescribed. You may also try sleeping propped up for several days to weeks after surgery.

How soon can you start using your shoulder after surgery?

You should take it easy after shoulder surgery. Don’t push your recovery. Listen to your body and don’t push your limits. However, to heal from shoulder surgery, you will need to start moving it. Work with your physical therapist to determine a movement plan, but the most common movements include arm swings, grip strengthening, and arm circles.

What can you not do after shoulder surgery?

After shoulder surgery, avoid any activities that strain your shoulder like reaching, pulling, lifting, pushing, etc. for at least six weeks after surgery, or whatever your doctor prescribes. You may find it difficult to perform basic daily tasks like showering. However, you can make a few swaps to make your life easier. For instance, you can swap shampoos with a pump soap, use a detachable showerhead and use non-slip bathmats.

Shoulder surgery recovery can be a difficult and painful process, but it far outweighs continuing with pain from shoulder injuries. iOrtho is a multi-specialty musculoskeletal healthcare practice that provides patients with new technologies and innovative procedures designed to make state-of-the-art treatments readily available while maximizing outcomes. Our focus is solely on you. Your needs. Your comfort. Your complete and total recovery. Contact us today to learn more about shoulder injury treatment options in Staten Island, NY.

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