Enhance Your Summer Wellness with Nutrient IV Therapy

Summer brings exciting activities and adventures, but it can also present challenges like dehydration, sunburn, and travel fatigue. iOrtho’s specialized Nutrient IV Therapy solutions are tailored to help you maintain optimal health and vitality throughout the summer months.

Jet Lag Relief IVCombat travel fatigue and jet lag with the Jet Lag Relief IV. This specialized formula rehydrates and revitalizes your body after long flights, providing 1000 cc of saline to double the standard hydration volume. Toradol reduces inflammation from stress and disrupted sleep patterns, while magnesium and Vitamin C boost immunity. B12, B6, and essential vitamins support cellular energy production, and essential electrolytes minerals, and B vitamins maintain overall cellular health and physiology.

Sunburn Relief IV Soothe and repair sun-damaged skin with the Sunburn Relief IV. This formula provides hydration and nutrients essential for skin recovery, with 1000 cc of saline for balanced hydration. Toradol reduces inflammation, triple dose Vitamin C supports collagen metabolism, and biotin nourishes and maintains healthy skin. Essential electrolytes, minerals, and B vitamins further support overall skin health and function.

Body Nourisher & Hydration IV Stay energized, healthy, and hydrated with the Body Nourisher & Hydration IV. This formula includes 500 cc of IV fluid for extra hydration, Vitamin B12 for metabolic support and energy production, and a Vitamin B Complex for overall wellness. Zinc boosts immune function, and essential electrolytes, minerals, and B vitamins support healthy cellular function and physiology.

Through nutrient-rich intravenous drips and infusions, iOrtho combines essential nutrients delivered directly into the bloodstream to enhance healing, optimize recovery, and improve overall health. This direct access to the bloodstream bypasses the digestive system, allowing for immediate benefits. Stay hydrated, healthy, and energized and experience the revitalizing effects of our Nutrient IV Solutions, book your appointment today.

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