iOrtho is an Experienced Provider of Makoplasty Hip

Makoplasty is a computer navigated robotic procedure to replace a damaged hip joint.  Through a partnership with NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, iOrtho is able to deliver this exciting technology to its patients.

Makoplasty is a highly advanced computer navigated robotics procedure that has the benefit of achieving highly accurate sizing and component alignment when performing reconstructive hip surgery and total hip replacement.  The procedure is performed by a trained and experienced iorthoMD using the MAKO system.

The Mako procedure is driven by a CT scan of the damaged hip. This scan is then uploaded to sophisticated planning software which allows the surgeon to plan the procedure prior to entering the operating room. Highly accurate determinations can be made on the software that relates to critical decisions such as implant size, alignment, offset, and more. The patient is then taken to the surgical suite where the surgeon driven robotics using computer navigation can achieve accuracy within 1mm of the surgical plan.

Using this technology can substantially reduce the risks related to inaccurate implant sizing and placement including fracture, instability, leg length discrepancy, weakness, gait alteration, early loosening of the implants, and more. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis.

If you have hip pain or were told you need a hip replacement, contact us for an appointment with an iorthoMD specialist in Makoplasty.

For More Information, Watch the Makoplasty Video Below

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