Would Medical Marijuana Help My Joint Pain?

Unfortunately, joint pain is pervasive in aging people and even some younger individuals, with more than 100 types of the disease that affect people of all races, sexes, and ages. It’s the most common form of disability in the U.S., and it inevitably affects quality of life. People living with arthritis often find themselves uncomfortable or in pain for much of the day.

While patients want relief, many are wary about the potential side effects of pharmaceutical treatment options and wish to pursue other routes. That’s why it’s so helpful to know about medical marijuana benefits for joint pain. Medical marijuana is an often useful treatment route for arthritis pain, so we pulled together some information to help you decide whether it’s the right option for you.

Is Medical Marijuana Good for Joint Pain?

According to the CDC, arthritis affects 350 million people worldwide and 54 million in the U.S., and a known cure does not exist. So, can marijuana help with chronic joint pain? Scientists have found that cannabis does ease symptoms of arthritis, and that science backs what has been anecdotal information for years.

Recent research has shown that cannabis can reduce both pain and inflammation. Patients in studies have noticed a reduction in their pain not only when they’re at rest, but also during movement. Improved sleep quality has also been reported. Furthermore, studies on mice have shown that cannabis can reduce the progression of arthritis by modulating the immune system.

With almost immediate pain relief from medical marijuana and a higher ability to manage pain, patients are reporting their overall quality of life has drastically improved.

Types of Marijuana Administration for Joint Pain

Both major cannabinoids — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — have been shown to decrease patient pain. Hundreds of strains are available, which means any patient can find a version that works best for them and treats the right side effects. Additional marijuana benefits for joint pain can include an enhanced appetite, improved mood, and relief from insomnia associated with pain. Certain strains help more than others in treating each of these issues.

Many patients have found relief through different forms of administration, including a topical form of the medical weed that come in creams, ointments, and lotions and can be applied to specific affected areas without psychoactive effects. These methods — including oils, sprays, and others — are all available for patients suffering from joint pain. With the help of a certified physician, each patient should experiment to find the method that improves their life the most.

Contact Regional Orthopedics

If you’re wondering whether medical marijuana can help your chronic joint pain, the answer is yes. Discuss your unique situation with a doctor by contacting Regional Orthopedics to set up an appointment with Dr. Husain, our pain management specialist. He’ll walk through the many options with you and help answer your questions about using medical marijuana for joint and arthritis pain.

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