How to Discuss Medical Marijuana Treatment With Your Doctor

While medical marijuana is now legal in more than half of U.S. states and known to treat chronic joint pain and help patients relax, many find it much more difficult to discuss than pharmaceutical manufactured prescription drugs. Due to the stigma and differing legislation surrounding medical marijuana, some individuals feel uncomfortable bringing up the subject with their physician.

If you’re wondering how to ask a doctor for medical weed so you can get relief from your rheumatoid arthritis or other painful condition, a few tips for bringing up the conversation might make you feel more comfortable. Try to keep the following in mind.

Learn Some Basic Information About Medical Cannabis

You should keep in mind that medical marijuana legality varies from state to state, as does the outlook on it from physicians, employers, and others. Before moving forward, consider some of the variances that come with this treatment type, including in:

  • Strain: One of the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re considering medical cannabis is that hundreds of strains are available. The cannabinoids in the plant each have therapeutic value and perform specific actions within the body, so you may have to try out a few different strains before you find one that helps the most with your pain and other symptoms.
  • Administration: In addition to the different strains, various methods of administration exist, as well. Many patients wonder if their doctors can prescribe CBD oil, ointments, and other forms of marijuana, and you’ll want to consider this selection before your appointment.

While you won’t need to know everything about medical marijuana before discussing it with your doctor, you should have in mind what you expect from your treatment. Not every doctor will advocate for this treatment type, be updated on the most recent research, or provide a physician’s recommendation, so it helps to enter the conversation with some of your own information, too.

Prepare Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Once you’ve done a little research on your own and have decided this might be the treatment method for your joint pain, prepare questions you still need answers to. Some common ones are:

  1. Do you know of any studies that showed patients with my condition being treated with medical marijuana?
  2. What healthcare costs are associated with this treatment type?
  3. Should I know about any adverse side effects or potential complications?
  4. Will there be any interactions with my current medications?
  5. Should I avoid any types of activity or hobbies while using medical marijuana?
  6. Can my New York doctor give me a medical marijuana card?
  7. Can my doctor prescribe CBD oil?

Feel free to inquire about any other details you might need on the topic so that you can make the best possible decision for your quality of life going forward.

Trust Regional Orthopedics

The most crucial decision you can make is to talk to your doctor about medical marijuana if you’re considering it. Even if they do not recommend medical cannabis, you can still find a doctor who specializes in this treatment type.

Talking to your doctor about medical marijuana in New York shouldn’t be a stressful task. Reach out to Regional Orthopedics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Husain, our physician who specializes in pain management.

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